Established in 1912, our founding members would be dispatched via a series of gongs placed throughout town, 8 in total. The gongs were made by heating and bending railroad ties into circular rings and was operated by banging the railroad tie with a hammer. Each firefighter who responded would bring his own team of horses to the Firehouse Barn, with the first arriving member hitching his team of horses to the wagon that had a tank of water on it and proceed to the fire. The firefighter who used his horses to pull the wagon was paid $5 for his horse teams service.

In 1925, the department purchased its first custom built fire engine. The first fire house was located on Esler Ln. and was a barn used to store the fire equipment and horses. The fire department quickly out grew Elser Ln. and moved under the borough hall where the town offices are currently located.

In 1981 the Fire Department caught fire. A member of Allendale Fire Department who was first on scene drove the first in line engine through the bay door to save the all the fire engines from getting severely damaged. With quick action from the members and the help of the mutual aid the fire was knocked down quickly with limited damage to the Borough Hall.

In 1989 the department moved to the new public safety complex located at the corner of East Saddle River Rd and East Allendale Rd. The Fire Department continues to operate out of that location today.